MasterCard technology for Payture clients

MasterPass™ is an online payment service that allows to keep all bank card data and delivery addresses as indicated by the client and in accordance with universally accepted security standards. Having attached one or several cards to their wallet, the user can make any payment in an easy and secure way, which is why joining the MasterPass™ program may not only increase the recurring customers’ loyalty, but also attract new ones from those registered in the system. Payture processing centre in cooperation with MasterCard invite their clients to participate in the program by clicking on “pay with MasterPass™” on the payment template.

Entry to worldwide market

Over 8 million users from 25 countries are registered with MasterPass™

Customise the design

Design of the template can be customised to suit your website or application — we also offer several options for the button design.

Free for Payture clients

Just tell us you want to participate in the program — we’ll do the rest.

Benefits for e-commerce


New payment options

Your client can make a purchase with MasterPass™ wallet at any moment from any gadget. The funds are reimbursed to the settlement account of the company on the next day.

Trust of buyers

A technology by the largest International payment system on your website is guaranteed to increase trust and loyalty of your customers. Besides, an easier payment process will significantly decrease the share of abandoned carts.

o complicated integration required

The MasterPass™ technology does not change the payment mechanism, which is why there will be no changes necessary, if the bank card feature has already been implemented.

Benefits for cardholders


Payments from gadgets of any kind

Payment procedure is incredibly simple: you only need to type in your password and choose the paying card. It is possible to attach cards of any International payment system.

All cards in the same service

No need to input the bank card data or register with online shops: all cards are always ready to use in all shops that accept MasterPass™

Payment security

Multi-level security system allows to safely keep the user data and avoid fraud.

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