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Payture is a leading international processing company in CIS expanding into Central and Eastern Europe.
Our profession is quick and safe on-line payments processing. We offer a simple and fast integration, reporting dashboard and 24/7 support, in order to make online payments available for companies of all scale.

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We protect your business. With Payture, each transaction is safe. We use the most modern methods as well as unique proprietary technologies to ensure the high level of Internet payments security.

We undergo certification compliance in order to meet international standards.

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Accept all banking cards all over the world – we guarantee the reliable protection of each transaction conducted on your website.

Enjoy the higher conversion and sales growth - we will help to facilitate and secure it.

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curl \
-d Key=Merchant \
--data-urlencode "Data= \
SessionType=Pay; \
OrderId=; \
Amount=;" \
curl \
-d SessionId= \
curl \
-d Key=Merchant \
-d OrderId= \

To integrate your website with Payture, you can use either existing templates or specific modules for connecting with your CMS. The detailed API description is available.

Merchants talk about us

Irina Grandelle

Business Development Director, IVI

Today the major part of movies are in free access, for the rest we offer dveriety of payment methods. The most popular and convenient is, no doubt, credit сard payments, made easy and secure оn the internet site. In order to make IVI more "handy" for our customers, we have user accounts where they can tune "remember-my-card" option and recurrent payments. This provides an opportunity to minmize the procedure of purchasing a movie, and to prolong the subscription utomatically. During years of working with Payture all necessary adaptation and fine tuning of our service went fluent and prompt. Payture does really provide high convercion, service availibility and they are always very client-oriented, not only with us, but with our customers, as well.

Vitaly Shakhmatov

Marketing director at

The best in collaborating with Payture is operational efficiency. We receive funding to our current account the next day after the payment. Apart from this, service has a number of considerable advantages, such as graphical reports, analytics and opportunity to monitor payments in the Dashboard. Second great advantage is a well-customed function of partial chargeback to cardholder's account. This is a matter of key-importance in our sphere, because our clients may order different products to choose buy the best suitable for them. Third, Payture is a client-oriented business and gives a wide range of parameters for customization. All this benefits, in addition to low commission rate, give Payture an oustanding position in the line of other processing centers.

Yiry Ivanov

Project manager at

Odnoklassniki is a giant social net, the largest Russian-speaking source in the world. Choosing a processing center, we were looking for 3 key features: speed, scale and security. Our audience is highly-interactive, so that the number of requests may achieve 1000 per minute. This is why the speed of transactions processing and availability of the service is a matter of key-importance. Apart from banks' capabilities we are always sure in high level of our security - this is the result of easy switch from one bank to another in case of need. Off course, we use all the security parameters, supported by Payture: one-click payments, remember-my-card service, and many more. During the years of cooperation we have established friendly relationships with our Payture colleagues, not the least reason for this is client-oriented service and helpfulness of Payture employees.

Ilya Sallomatov

CEO at

Why Payture? Almost 70% of our customers prefer to receive their credits to their credit card, that is why we have chosen a processing-center, which is specializing on credit cards. Payture is ready and eager to collaborate, developing and adopting their service to our specifics. Lendees without hesitation register their credit cards in personal account on our site, in order to receive prompt credits on-line, in any place, at any time.

Vadim Zaycev

CEO at Click Avia

Payture is the best processing center in Russia! For us they have implemented a complex payment solution, which other treated as impossible. Moreover, they did it quick and convenient. We had many chances to see, how client-oriented, loyal and efficient our payment gateway is. We always recommend Payture, as a trustworthy, highly professional partner for internet-business.

Dominik Picker

Chief executive at Lamoda

For us, as for a large on-line retailer, clear, understadable and user-friendly payment process is a matter of key-importance. Due to Payture's developments, our payment page is highly adoptive, it conforms to any device and changes in accordance with type of App used by our customer. Thanks to our payment gateway and their patented technologies, we have opportunity to penetrate new markets, such as Kazakhstan and, in the long-term, Ukraine.

Lapshina Irina

MasterPass Business Development

Payture is one of the first processing centers, who has offered their merchants the new project of MasterCard - global MasterPass service. As a result of high professional qualification and impressive experience of Payture employees, launching of our project in Russia went successfully by all means. Today, quick ans secure MasterPass payments available not only for USA and European customers, but for Russian market as well. This means Russian customers may use "one-click-payments" and do their on-line shopping in Russia and over the world - everywhere, where they will find "pay with MasterPass" button.

Sergey Sedov

CEO at MFO Zaimer

Payture provides our clients with a free and easy opportunity to return a credit, being located in any part of Russia. As for us, Payture is a guarantee of quick and secure reception of payments made from our clients' accounts. We are highly impressed by the speed of Payture's processing: all the refunding payments we receive to our current account in 1-2 days. Also, we have a user-access to informative Dashboard, where we take analytics, statistics and reporting on cashflow from our clients to us. This, without doubt, is a meaningful advantage of doing business with Payture.

Mihail Backlanov

Cheif Executive at ZOOM TV

Colleagues from Payture have impressed us with their high professionalism and ambition in solving specific challenges of our business in the most effecient way. Payment reseipts through Smart TV is restricted by number of parameters, such as data input tools and data display. Tha main problem was incapability of Iframe integration, which, in turn, affected 3D-S integration. As a result, security of payments suffered a lot, and this was unaccaptable for us. I am very impressed by the decision suggested by Payture, which allows us finding the optimal ballance between security and usability of on-line payments.

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