Payment Solution Availability

  • Payture servers are located in 4 data centers

    The geographical distribution of our servers provides stable
    and fail-safe operation of the equipment placed
    in them, allowing our clients' business to run without interruptions

  • Fast implementation
    of updates

    Microservices - a modern approach,
    where a single application is built as a set of small services. Due to this logic, system reliability significantly increases, and potential issues
    are eliminated as quickly as possible. The use
    of microservices allows for the implementation
    of the latest integrations and technologies
    to meet various client requirements

  • Servers connected
    by fiber-optic with hot standby

    The data transmission speed of fiber-optic cables is significantly higher than that of metal conductors. Additionally, this type of connection provides absolute protection against external interference. In case of failure of one
    of the main servers, we are always ready
    to switch to a standby server,
    to ensure the uninterrupted operation
    of our services

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