Payture Anti-fraud

An online service to prevent card payment fraud

  • 150+
    Requests per second
  • 50+
    Parameters to be analyzed
  • 200+
    Rules and filters

In 0.1 seconds, the Payture anti-fraud software will:

  • 1
    check the transaction according to your individual combination of rules and filters
  • 2
    check if the buyer’s data matches the blacklist or the whitelist
  • 3
    analyze the device fingerprint, that is, the user’s ID based on the information about the device that is used to make a payment
  • 4
    send a suspicious transaction for additional 3-D Secure authentication
  • 5
    analyze the user’s transaction history
  • 6
    block the fraudulent transaction and blacklist the fraudulent user

Set up our anti-fraud software
as an individual service,
or get free access if you are a user of the Payture Internet acquiring services

Robust Fraud Prevention

A unique combination of more than 200 rules

  • The parameters we need to pay attention to when verifying the transaction vary depending on the business sector. For instance, in the travel industry, not only the country where the ticket is purchased is taken into account to assess fraud risk, but also the number of days before the flight and its destination
  • We have worked out ready-to-use combinations of rules for a range of business sectors. If you need a custom solution, we are ready to create individual rules for your business based on our experience and collected statistics

The combination of rules includes:

    Device Fingerprinting
    for User Identification

    Fraudsters create numerous accounts
    on your website, clear cookies, and use hundreds of email addresses to bypass
    the anti-fraud software. That’s why we use Device Fingerprinting to identify users based on the data points about the device that is used to make a payment.

      • Transparent system
        Monitor transaction parameters and suspicious activities leading to the transaction being aborted in real time
      • Flexible user identification
        Ensure payment security on your website
        with our advanced user integration options
      • Easy to use
        You will only need a few lines of code to integrate
        the pre-built Payture payment widget
      • International payments
        Accept payments from any country. Our service processes all sorts of transactions,
        and our anti-fraud software will help prevent foreign card fraud
      • Operation during peak loads
        Payture’s anti-fraud software can smoothly process over 150 requests per second. The number of transactions does not affect the efficiency or speed of the transaction verification
      • Payture's antifraud system flawlessly processes over 150 requests per second. The number
        of transactions does not affect the quality
        and speed of operation analysis
      • Increased conversion rate
        3-D Secure technology reduces conversion rate due to technical failures,
        unavailable phone number, and code entry errors. Payture’s anti-fraud software will allow you to customize your protection and process secure transactions without 3-D Secure authentication
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