Payture Anti-fraud

An online service to prevent fraudulent bank card payments

  • 150+
    Requests per second
  • 50+
    Parameters for analyse
  • 200+
    Regulations and filters

Under 0.1 seconds Anti-fraud Payture will:

  • 1
    checks the transaction according to your individual combination of criteria and filters
  • 2
    matches customer data against the black and whitelists
  • 3
    analyzes the Device Fingerprint - a user ID based on the characteristics of the device used for payment
  • 4
    sends suspicious transactions for additional 3D Secure verification
  • 5
    analyzes the user's payment history
  • 6
    blocks the fraudulent transaction and blacklist the fraud

Connect Anti-fraud
as a separate service,
or get free access when using internet acquiring with Payture

Reliable protection against fraud

Individual combination of 200+ rules

  • In various business sectors, we need to consider specific transaction parameters. For instance, in the travel industry, we don't just look at the country of ticket purchase to evaluate fraud risk. We also take into account the number of days before the flight and the direction of travel
  • We've created pre-made sets of rules tailored to specific industries. If you prefer a customized solution, we can develop rules specifically for your business based on our expertise and data analysis

The combination of rules includes:

    Device Fingerprinting
    for User Identification

    Scammers create multiple accounts
    on your platform, clear cookies, and register hundreds of email addresses to bypass
    the anti-fraud system. That's why we use Device Fingerprinting to identify users based on the characteristics of the device used for payment.

      • System Transparency
        Monitor transaction parameters and reasons
        for rejecting suspicious operations in real-time
      • Flexible Identification Settings
        Reliable payment protection on your site
        with advanced identification settings
      • Easy to Use
        Just a few lines of code to integrate
        the ready-to-use Payture payment widget
      • International Payments
        Accept payments from any country. Our service processes transactions with any set
        of parameters, and anti-fraud helps prevent foreign card fraud
      • Performance during Peak Loads
        Anti-fraud system continues to work efficiently even under peak loads
      • Payture's antifraud system flawlessly processes over 150 requests per second. The number
        of transactions does not affect the quality
        and speed of operation analysis
      • Conversion Rate Increase
        3-D Secure technology reduces payment conversion rates due to technical failures,
        mobile phone unavailability and code input errors. Payture's antifraud system helps to flexibly configure protection and conduct reliable transactions without 3-D Secure verification
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