System of Fast Payments (SBP)

Fast and secure payment directly from buyer's account to seller's account



  • Save on commission

    Preferential rate
    without interchange

  • Easier than a card

    All you need is a smartphone

  • Instant transfer

    Directly to the legal entity's account
    without intermediaries

System of Fast Payments (SBP)
is a Russian interbank service that allows instant money transfers directly between bank accounts using
a phone number

When paying through SBP, funds are transfered from the client's account directly
to the legal entity's account.
The commission for SBP payments is significantly lower since there is no interchange
and no interest of the international payment systems like VISA orMastercard

Payment on desktop version of the website

  • 1

    Choose the option "Pay through SBP"
    and receive a specially generated QR code
  • 2

    Open your bank's mobile app
    and scan the received QR code
  • 3

    Confirm the payment in the bank app, funds will be transfered from your account

Payment from a mobile device

  • 1

    Choose the option "Pay through SBP", receive
    a special link that will open the banking app
    and transfer the payment parameters to it
  • 2

    Confirm the payment in the bank app, funds will be debited from your account
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