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Convenient one-touch purchases for millions of users With Yandex Pay, you can pay for purchases
without entering your card details — they will be automatically retrieved from your Yandex account


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of Yandex Pay

  • Payments on websites have become even more convenient

    To access the payment solution, you need to link a card to your account on Yandex

  • Instant payment

    Payment details are automatically retrieved
    from the user's account

  • Increase payment conversion up to 99.7%

    Minimal refusals due to autofilling of payment details

  • Security

    The security of the solution is provided
    by Yandex's own technologies

About Technology

Yandex Pay works with Mastercard, Visa and MIR cards of any banks, while preserving cashback and cardholder bonuses. Users can link multiple cards
to their accounts and choose the right one for a specific transaction

* Yandex Pay makes payments even more secure: card data does not need to be left on the sellers' websites,
it is stored on Yandex's side in encrypted form

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